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About «Kriogen-Holod-Tehnologia»

About company

A limited liability company Scientific-Production Company «Kriogen-Holod-Tehnologia» focuses on the full range of works in industrial refrigeration and cryogenic equipment including:

  • Designing engineering, technological engineering, constructing engineering;
  • Installation and start-up works of refrigeration and cryogenic systems and air separation plants;
  • Service and maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems;
  • Industrial safety review
  • Documentation development (technical specifications, certificates, support with regulatory acts and with operating instructions)
  • Transportation and gasification of liquid cryoproducts (Handling, storage and gasification of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon)
  • Staff training programs

We have a large experience which enables us to meet the requirements of the work concept and of the work quality.

Our staff is professional competent specialists with more than 20 years of work experience in the sphere of industrial and deep cold.

Key areas

We offer «turnkey» project in the following areas:

  • Refrigeration systems (including industrial refrigerating plants: ammoniac, freon, propane, carbon dioxide etc.; filling and storing refrigerant systems; backup systems)
  • Cryogenic systems (air separation plants; storing and gasification systems of liquid cryoproducts: nitrogen, oxygen, argon, liquefied natural gas etc.; nitrogen, oxygen and argon filling stations and other cryogenic systems). Vacuum equipment – high-vacuum heat insulation of cryogenic tanks and pipelines.
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) и liquefied hydrocarbon gas (LHG)  (storing and regasification systems equipment, CNG filling stations)
  • Industrial safety review
  • Operating documentation development, technical documentation development, development of the Emergency Situations Localization and Liquidation Plan (ESLLP).
  • Technical gases: delivery of air separation liquid and gaseous products straight to the customer’s terminal (storing system and gas-discharge ramp).


Director general Ivanilov Anatoliy

Technical director Patlan Sergey

Deputy technical director Kozlovskiy Nikolay

Principal engineer Akulov Aleksey

Head of project office Hamatvaleev Rafail

The advantage of our company is the full range of work and its quality. The company has:

  • Certificate of permission for defined type or types of works affecting the safety of the capital construction objects № 0155.05-2010-5908026348-С-082
  • Certificate of permission for defined type or types of works affecting the safety of the capital construction objects № 0765.07-2009-5908026348-П-063
  • License № ДЭ-00-008282 (С) for carrying out industrial safety expertise. Licence term to 22.01.2013
    (c) technical supervision of gas distribution and gas consumption.
  • Certificate of Conformity № POCC RU.3768.04ГСФ0.ИСМ.0000162 to the standards ISO 9001: 2008; ISO 14001: 2004; OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • Conformity Mark License № POCC RU.3768.04ГСФ0.Р.0000154


GEA Grasso Refrigeration (Germany), Mayekawa MFG. CO., LTD (Japan); Gunter AG & CO, (Russia); KRONES (Germany); INKRAM (Russia); Cryogenic technique (Russia); Linde Gas Rus (Germany); Danfoss (Russia); M-Trade (Russia); National Gas Technology (Russia); TREL (Russia).

Address: 614101, Perm, Russia, 9a Avtozavodskaya St.

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Tel.: +7 (342) 284 01 44, 250 40 97
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